The Motion Sick: Ticketmaster / Live Nation

Ticketmaster and Live Nation.  I really hope they merge.  I really hope ticket prices go through the roof.  I really hope someday people realize that it’s absurd to spend $100 to see a mediocre national band when there are great local and touring indie bands that put on great shows.  We just have to find a way to let people know that just because they saw one crappy local band (probably a friend’s band), it doesn’t mean that all music that has not been recognized by a $50 million dollar 360 contract is not worthwhile.  There are probably 20 bands in Boston that I can see for $10 or less (sometimes free even) who put on a show that destroys anything U2 or Madonna has done in 25 years.  I really hope they merge.  I really hope people realize how terrible they are and how they are ruining live music.  Then, I really hope they file for bankruptcy.  God Bless America!

Also, totally check out the math over at Zed=Zee for the hard facts showing how much Ticketmaster is already ripping you off, then follow it up with some claims that the average ticket price would go up by at least $10 if the two companies indeed merge.