Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Festival Crush: Annie Lynch and the Beekeepers at SXSW

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). Annie Lynch answers the tough questions:

SXSW Interview Questions:

1. Where/When are you playing ?

We will be playing on March 19th at Fado at 8pm and on March 20th at Friends @ 4pm

2. How did you get your SXSW gig?

The Friends show is a Berklee College of Music party. Berklee’s student-operated record label, Heavy Rotation has been very kind in offering us as many opportunities as they can, so that is our ticket down south, and the Fado party was a bit of a last minute addition we were grateful to be able to squeeze ourselves into.

3. Is this your first time at SXSW?

Yes, indeed. Very pleased to be a part of it this year.

4. How important do you think it is to have an “official” showcase?

I can’t really answer this because this will be our first time at SXSW, but it seems like the caliber of music at the parties is equivalent to that of the official showcases.

5. What do you hope to achieve by playing at SXSW?

We’re hoping to connect with as many musicians and music-lovers as
possible, and we’re looking forward to performing in an environment
that is so rich with both.

6. Are you attending any of the actual conference? Are you attending other shows, what shows/bands are you looking forward to?

We would like to be a part of as much as we can without passes. Apparently the festival passes are like the holy grail, and are pretty
difficult to get ahold of, but it seems like there is still a lot to enjoy without one. I’m excited to try to see Hoots and Hellmouth, St Vincent, M Ward, Phosphorecent, Eilen Jewel. And I would probably go to some pretty extreme measures to see the Avett Brothers live. Also really psyched to hear some new music.

7. Do you expect that Boston will have a strong showing this year?

I know a lot of people from the Boston area that will be attending this year. How that relates to the rest of the SXSW attendees, I do not know.

Photo Above By Matt Butterfield