Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Rumble Crush: The Fatal Flaw

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The Fatal Flaw

Are you excited to be participating in the 31st WBCN Rock & Roll Rumble?

You bet. Mostly because I think the Boston local music scene fosters entirely too much camaraderie and good will between bands … why create an environment of supportive creativity when you can pit one group against another in an arbitrary competition? It’s high time we all stopped being such good sports and engaged in some BLOOD SPORTS. You know, like in that Jean-Claude Van Damme movie Time Cop.

Are you afraid of the Rumble curse?

Well, I am now! Honestly, I wasn’t aware there was such a thing but I don’t believe in curses … maybe the Rumble should be afraid of MY curse. Like this one: f@!# my b#**$.

Do you plan on doing anything special or different for your set?

We might try hard for once. Actually, I think our strategy will be to practice just barely enough.

How far do you think you’ll progress in the competition?

Somewhere between “winning the whole thing” and “forgetting to show up.”

What’s your bet on who will make it to the finals?

As Wesley Snipes once famously said, “always bet on black.” I’d love to be wrong about this, but since it seems there are no black people who play in any local Boston rock bands I’m not sure who to bet on.

Are there any bands you would have picked for the line up this year that didn’t get in?

If I had my way, they would replace all of our competitors with groups who barely know how to play their instruments. Think that can still be arranged?

What band is your favorite past winner?

Hard to go wrong with the Sheila Divine. Looking at that list of past participants, you have to laugh at the fact that Mission of Burma didn’t even make it out of the first round. Ridiculous in hindsight.

What past competitor do you think was most robbed?

I’m going to go with Taxpayer from 2006. They are our friends plus they also happen to be awesome. All due respect to the other bands who performed that year, but Taxpayer had to have been robbed.

Any final words or smacktalk before the battle begins?

Please don’t hurt us. Does that count as “smacktalk”?