Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Rumble Crush: The Minus Scale

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). The Minus Scale talk to us about the 2009 Rumble:

Are you excited to be participating in the 31st WBCN Rock ‘n’ Roll  


We are very excited to be playing this year! Its something we’ve  always paid attention to in the past and we were very honored to be  
asked to participate this year.

Are you afraid of the Rumble curse?

There are far more things to be afraid of than a Rumble curse.  Besides, we figure that since a band from NH has never won before,  that if we did win, then we’d be breaking one curse thus invalidating another.

Do you plan on doing anything special or different for your set?

Nope. We’re gonna rock our whole record in 30 minutes and leave ’em  
all speechless. Okay, maybe a cover to get people singing along. We’ll see.

How far do you think you’ll progress in the competition?

-We’re not going home till they kick us out.

What’s your bet on who will make it to the finals?

It’s really hard to say. There are a lot of amazing bands in it this  
year. I think Eksi Ekso & Thick as Thieves will give us a run for our  
money. Apple Betty also totally own. So we’ll see.

Are there any bands you would have picked for the line up this year  
that didn’t get in?

Where is The Appreciation Post, Fly Upright Kite, Us Against The  
Archers or Tour De North? We have so many bands we’re friends with in  
the Boston area, it would have been awesome if we could all have  
competed against each other!

What band is your favorite past winner?

How do you even choose?? There are so many awesome bands that have  
won in the past. I think that The Sheila Divine are at the top of the  
list, but Gang Green, Bleu, The Amazing Royal Crowns are close behind.

What past competitor do you think was most robbed?

How the hell did Piebald play and not win??

Any final words or smacktalk before the battle begins?

This is the year a NH band takes the Rumble.


Photo above by Graham Marley