Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Festival Crush: Ma’ayan Castel at SXSW

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). Ma’ayan Castel is next to tell us what she expects from SXSW:

SXSW Interview Questions:

1. Where/When are you playing?

I’ll be playing at the Berklee College of Music Annual Party on Friday, March 20th @ 1pm

2. How did you get your SXSW gig?

I’m a Berklee Grad, and reached out to them.

3. Is this your first time at SXSW?

yes it is. very exciting.

4. How important do you think it is to have an “official” showcase?

I think it’s important to have your “S&%t” together when playing sxsw, networking, meetings, marketing, etc… otherwise you get swallowed up by the thousands there, and it can be a complete waste of money, and it’s a very expensive little week turns out.

6. What do you hope to achieve by playing at SXSW?

Spread the word about me and my music.

7. How do you plan to use the conference (beyond your show) to promote yourself?

I hope to spread the word, give out free music, network, and meet with A&R (though they’re not the same anymore), meet with managers, industry people, and see some cool shows.

8. Are you attending any of the actual conference? Are you attending other shows, what shows/bands are you looking forward to?

I can’t afford the badge for the conference, but i will go see some great shows like St. Vincent, Tori Amos, Delta Spirit, PJ Harvey, and JDub Records showcase.

9. Do you expect that Boston will have a strong showing this year?

I think boston always has a showing, hopefully it’ll be strong this year.