Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Rumble Crush: Apple Betty

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Jessica, Kerri, and Caroline of Apple Betty

2009 Rumble Questions:

Are you excited to be participating in the 31st WBCN Rock ‘n’ Roll Rumble?

J: Nope. Ok that’s a lie.

K: HELL YES!!! This is great! The tradition…THE DRAMA!!! Honestly, I keep looking over the list of bands that are playing and I feel pretty darn lucky.

C: The Rumble is an institution in town; we’re looking forward to being a part of the historic good times.

Are you afraid of the Rumble curse?

J: Nah, we’ll just plan not to win.

K: Actually, we plan to reverse it…

C: Have you seen Betty J twitch her nose? Magic things happen.

Do you plan on doing anything special or different for your set?

J: Not stress out, have fun, but I guess that’s not different for us, just special…

K: Synchronized choreography. I hear that works.

C: We’ll be riding that hairy edge, closer than ever, between raw energy and sheer brilliance.

How far do you think you?ll progress in the competition?

J: Progressing onto the stage is A-Ok!

K: I want to progress far enough to be a part of The Luxury/Logan 5 throwdown first hand if it happens. I want to be in the middle of the fist throwing. I want to wipe the blood from PEZ’s face. Then we will clean up the mess with some real Rock and Roll and go home with the prize.

C: I’ll guess that special bonus category will get us to progress.

What’s your bet on who will make it to the finals?

J: I could say, but I don’t wanna…

K: I don’t wanna curse anybody.

C: Dah, Apple Betty!

Are there any bands you would have picked for the line up this year that didn’t get in?

J: Hooray for Earth, Triple Thick, umm…

K: Yeah, totally agree with Triple Thick for any year over the pastdecade…and where the hell are Vagiant? I want to Rumble with those ladies.

C: The Big Disappointments have been rockin’ the scene for a while.

What band is your favorite past winner?

J: The Neighborhoods (“keep this post going!”) I like The Bags, too.

K: Darkbuster for sure. That was a good time.

C: Ghost of Tony Gold threw down a really fun live show.

What past competitor do you think was most robbed?

J: 1992 was a tough year, Morphine, Sam Black Church, Stompbox, Powerman5000… When you have so many great bands, so tough to pick a winner, course that seems to happen most years.

K: My heart was in it for Mr. Airplane Man…so that was robbery on a personal level.

C: Quivvver should rule the world.

Smack talk: No Fluff…Keeping it RAW POWER!

Above photo by Jonathan Sahula