Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Rumble Crush: Anngelle Wood!

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). Anngelle Wood, host of WBCN‘s local show, Boston Emissions and organizer of the Rumble gives us the inside scoop on choosing bands for airplay and what she looks for in selecting bands that are ready to rumble. The secret to winning the Rumble, as revealed exclusively to Boston Band Crush: wear eyeliner, of course!

BBC: You took over this fall as the DJ on WBCN Boston Emissions and had only a short time to get everything together for The Rumble. How were you able to make such a smooth transition?
AW: If I’ve managed to make it look that way, awesome! WBCN has a remarkable promotions team to include Chachi Loprete (host of Breakfast with the Beatles, don’t you know!) and Chris Rucker. Without them, I am nothing.

BBC: Do you primarily find out about new bands from being a high-profile local DJ (i.e., submissions to the station), by attending shows, via word of
mouth, or through other sources like the Rock ‘n’ Roll social?
AW: It’s all that. When I can, I really like to search around for stuff on the web, let the music speak for itself. I have less and less time in which to do that so bands do need to send me their stuff. I can’t stress to bands enough how important networking is though. I’ve seen bands grow considerably from just getting out and meeting other bands at shows and places like the Social. I work to make myself accessible to bands. Many want advice. I don’t act as a critic. Ever.

BBC: What are you looking for in good local music?
AW: Different styles under the rock umbrella, what’s not necessarily “hipster acceptable”, an earnest band that gets out there and does what they do and does it well. I like heavy stuff as well, a genre that has been under-represented as of late. Good loud rock is not easy to do. I’m looking for a gem. It is WBCN, after all, and not every band is ready for WBCN.

BBC: What makes a band submission stand out to you?
AW: I appreciate when some care has been put into the presentation through the appearance and, of course, the sound. I do have some submission requests that make it easier for a band to get played if the music is worthy of airplay. 

BBC: How does it feel to take over The Rumble, a long-standing and
well-respected institution?
AW: I’m overwhelmed sometimes and unbelievably proud of all of it all the time. When the Rumble guide came out in the Dig with all those band people on the cover, I got a little teary. It’s an honor to do this job. Having been to more than half of the Rumbles in the last 10 years, I’d say it’s a dream to host the show and be involved in such a tradition. I’ve always been excited for Rumble season.

BBC: Do you have a favorite past winner? …a favorite past loser?
AW: Winner, definitely the Sheila Divine – great songs, great live band, great records. Loser: The Model Sons – great live band, great songs, great records, I mean EPs – they were gone too soon; honorable mention goes to Robby Roadsteamer.

BBC: Is there some easy pattern from which you can tell that a band is ready to be a Rumbler or do you just go with instinct?

AW: Instinct mostly. If I believe in you, I believe in you. You do have to be working at it, playing out, and letting people know. It certainly helps to reach out to the show and not just for Rumble purposes. It doesn’t work that way. Submissions are for airplay; those who get airplay are then considered for the Rumble and may be invited. 

BBC: There are a lot of exceptional bands in this year’s Rumble. Did you
find it hard to narrow it to 24?
AW: My list was quite long, more than 50, less than 100. New list has started.

BBC: Is there anything you’ve done to add your own personal touches to
the event?
AW: Hard to say, each of us will do things differently. I have learned a lot in the planning and execution. I’ve kept in touch with the bands so they’re in the loop as much as possible. Judges will be from different facets of the music industry and community. And the post-mortem will be interesting.

BBC: Do you have any advice for the Rumblers?
AW: Show up on time, be ready, don’t get shitfaced, don’t be a douchebag, support the other bands, and rock harder than you have rocked before.
And eyeliner.