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Twitter Channel at #Rumble

Boston Band Crush (plus photos/video)
Ryan’s Smashing Life (plus photos/video)
Hotline Blog in the Boston Herald

Coverage Commentary
Sooz’s Discussion of How Social Media is Shaping the Rumble
The Boston Herald’s Article on Social Media Shaping the Rumble

WBCN Photos
EKS Productions (Mixed in with Other Concert Galleries)
Johnny Arguedas’ Photos
Just Bill
Kelly Davidson (The Motion Sick only)
Morgan Terrinoni (The Motion Sick only)

Facebook Photo Galleries (note: not all galleries are public)
Anngelle Wood (Rumble mixed with other photos)
Shawn “Sixx” Clayton
Selene Angier
Melissa Infurna Zeigler
Abby Driscoll – Nights 1-5, Night 6

Also, check out these great reflections about the nature of local and live music and the dangers of rumbling on The Limits of Science.

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