Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Rumble Crush: Night Five Video and Recap!

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Thick As Thieves opened the night with their indie rock stylings.

The Mystery Tramps are young kids with big solos, playing garage-y numbers that had us all super-impressed.

Gene Dante and the Future Starlets
brought the glam in a big way. Mike put it best when he described them as the missing link between The New York Dolls and Morrissey. It’s a Boston all-star band, with Gene crooning and stalking and flirting with the audience, the microphone, and the band. They literally showered us with glitter, and took a precise and deserved win.

Destruct-A-Thon closed out the night, and they were insanely awesome. Duncan is a madman, jumping of the stage, careening around the audience, and making devil horns on his head. They were super-tight, and brought metal the way metal should be brought–with a hell of a lot of fire and brimstone!

Videos of all of the bands and the Night 5 Winner Announcement are now viewable at: