Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Rumble Crush: Night One Videos and Recap

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). Angeline was in fine form bringing out the folk-blues rock. Emily and Linda supplied the sweet harmonies. They were accompanied by violin, bongos, and the most enthusiastic xylophone player I’ve ever seen, and she wore an awesome dress that made it seem like she just stepped out of Star Trek.

Logan 5 and the Runners were up next, they were smartly dressed playing their flamboyant speak-easy pop. Their arrangements really stood out—with great leads on trumpet and keys throughout.

We knew we were in for an event when we saw the gear being piled up on stage for The Deal, the guitarist’s stack was taller than I am. They had their own banner and roadie. They did not mess around launching into their Waltham-bred hard rock. The most awesome part of their set? When the guitarist played the intro to a song (this was caught on video 3 below) on an acoustic guitar on a stand (so he could keep his electric strapped on), and then the roadie took the acoustic guitar away so he could play the rest of the song unencumbered.

The Luxury’s confidence really shined through their well-paced set. This was certainly the best I’ve seen them play. Everyone in the band was just on, which allowed the lyrics and vocals to run with the spotlight. It was a fair win, with many people milling around during the judges’ deliberation period saying that they should just go home, because it was pretty clear what the outcome was.

Videos of all of the bands and the Night 1 Winner Announcement are now viewable at:

All in all, great sets from everyone – can’t wait to see what happens tonight!