Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush Recap: Spectrum at The Middle East 4/28/09

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ). Mike and I were lucky enough to see Spectrum this past week at The Middle East. Spectrum is the current project of Sonic Boom, of the legendary Spaceman 3. Spectrum are touring in advance support of their new EP, War Sucks. The title track is an old (I’m told anyway, by local psychedelic expert, Kris Thompson) song by Red Crayola (also known, at times, as Red Krayola). Frontman, Kember played much of the set with his eyes closed, and the other members were immobilized. However, trippy hallucinatory projections were being cast upon the stage to set the mood for the crowd. Their set ebbed and flowed between soft and loud; sometimes revelatory in feedback, always droning they created a lush landscape to get lost in.

We got tons of video, watch the youtube playlist:

and see more photos here. Also, check out Jim Sullivan’s write up in the Herald.

Opening up the night was Ghost Box Orchestra – we only caught their last few songs, but definitely a band to check out again.

Broken River Prophet also played, but sadly we were show hopping and missed their set. We think they are really awesome, and are pining to see them again after catching them last month at Cantab, you can watch video of that show here.