Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: The Konks, The Maintainers, Ian Adams

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File this show under ‘Sophia needs her garage fix.’ 

I’ve talked plenty about how I much love, love, love The Konks, and they don’t play all that often, so I know where I need to be Friday night.
Also, on the bill, a band I only just heard of, who are playing their last show ever: The Mountaineers.
Opening up is Ian Adams (frontman of the departed Rock City Crimewave), Ian is getting ready to release his solo cd–I got a sneak peek at it and I can’t wait to hear more, you’ll be hearing more about his CD release soon enough.

This all goes down at Club Bohemia (the fancy name for The Cantab Lounge’s downstairs area) – it’s not fancy, but the place has got good vibes.

Fri 5/15,  $8, 21+,
The Konks (11); The Maintainers (10); Ian Adams (9)