Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: Rock Plaza Central and Mean Creek at TT’s on 5/31

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I am very excited for Sunday’s show at TT’s.  Two of my absolute favorite bands, one local and one non-local will be sharing their songs with us all.

As evidenced by the 2006 entry on my favorite albums for each year of my life since birth list, Rock Plaza Central is a band that I REALLY enjoy.  I really liked their live show at TT’s that I caught last year.  I wrote a review on another fine music site.  I have a particularly tough time really describing what they sound like other than to call them an eclectic indie downtempo band, perhaps part of the newer movements of folk, but at the same time, much more intense.  They may fall into the same category as difficult-to-classify, but great bands like Neutral Milk Hotel (another on my favorite album list).  RPC has got a bunch of music for download at:

I always point this out, but this is one of my favorite things that I’ve seen regarding the band:

There is a great article about the experience of working on the record from a band member who is not the primary songwriter:

One evening Chris [singer/guitarist Chris Eaton] said to me, “I think the next record is going to be all about robot horses.” “Robot horses?” I replied. “Robot horses. In fact, six-legged robot horses. But the problem, of course, is that they think they’re real horses.” Blink. Chris went on, “You remember the war between the angels and the humans from the last record, right?” As a matter of fact, I didn’t. And furthermore, even to this day, it seems that no one in the band quite understands what the hell Chris is talking about when he mentions the war.

If you’re curious, here is some video from last time they were in town.

In addition to being the “Best Dressed Local Band,” Mean Creek is one of my absolute favorite local bands.  Their last album would most definitely appear on my favorite local albums of each year of my life (if I got around to making such a list).  I am looking forward very much to the release of their new album in August. 

The Grownup Noise opens the night.