Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Recap Crush (and exclusive video interview!): Rock Plaza Central, Mean Creek, and The Grownup Noise at TT’s

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Rock Plaza Central was kind enough to spend some time talking to us here at Boston Band Crush to tell us about their past, present, and future:

The band played a great set, primarily comprised of songs from their upcoming album …at the moment of our most needing [including the awesome “(Don’t You Believe the Words Of ) Handsome Men”], which is released in the U.S. this month.  For the smart and lucky who were at the show, the band was selling the album to us early.  I even got to pick up a copy of the limited-edition vinyl (only 300 pressed!).  

I believe it’s still available (though I bet it will be gone soon) here.

Full set of photos from the show at:

Here’s some video to give you a sense of what RPC is all about.  

The support acts for the night, Mean Creek and The Grownup Noise also both played great sets. Full photo sets at: Mean Creek – The Grownup Noise