Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: Detroit Cobras at TTs

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ).

The Detroit Cobras are a band I’ve been meaning to see for years. I was even at one of their shows once and had to leave before they played. All of my personal turmoil will be relieved this Thursday.  For background: The D.C. cover obscure 50s garage rock ‘n’ roll songs, run them through a Cramps filter and they come out oozing incredible cool. 

Also on the bill is Dexter Romweber Duo, fronted by Dex Romweber, a man with more cult status than you can shake a stick at.

Opening up is Cambridge’s own, Black Mosettes, a garage-soul act.

Thursday, June 11th at TT The Bears
Detroit Cobras (11:45pm)
Dexter Romweber Duo (10:30pm)
Black Mosettes (9:30pm)
$15, 18+

check out the video for “Cha Cha Twist”