Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush: The New Collisions tapped to open for The B52s!!!

This article originally appeared on Boston Band Crush ).
The New Collisions will be direct support for The B52s at The Cape Cod
Melody Tent in Hyannis, MA, on Saturday, August 1; The South Shore Music
Circus in Cohasset, MA, on Sunday, August 2; and Wolf Trap National Park
(The Filene Center) in Vienna, VA, on Saturday, August 8.

This band is charmed, as this incredible opportunity basically fell into their laps (aside from the fact that they work really hard and totally deserve it-I can’t think of any other band that musically fits as well with The B52s)

Here’s Scott Guild’s account: “I was sitting on my couch and got a phone call from an unknown number, I answered, and it was the William Morris Agency with an offer to tour with the B52s. I was expecting a telemarketer.”

Apparently The B52s found them via word-of-mouth, which is not terribly surprising as this band has an EP out (produced by the amazing Anthony Resta – who has worked with Duran Duran and Blondie) with performances by Greg Hawkes of The Cars on every track.

“The B52s are one of our favorite bands from our favorite era of music,”
says frontwoman Sarah Guild. “The fact that they found us is awesome.”