Launch Over: Launch Over Boston Music Opportunities Mailing List

I don’t book any music venues. I relatively rarely even put together shows on my own, but, for some reason, in the past week, I’ve had 4 people contact me for help with finding bands for shows they are working on or venues they are booking. An idea arose – a moderated mailing list providing Boston music opportunities. Right now, nothing like this exists (not that I am aware of). Craigslist is the closest thing and it’s full of what I would consider spam. While I do keep an eye on it, I don’t think that good bands even look at Craigslist anymore because of the volume of pay-for-play and recording services junk that fills it up. My solution: I provide a (roughly) daily moderated list of opportunities that I think might actually be useful to bands. As the moderator, I will make a decision regarding what gets included and what doesn’t. Spam and bad “opportunities” are filtered out and only the good stuff stays in.

At first, I’ll probably only post approximately weekly with the intention of growing this into a daily list. So join up at:

Send us your opportunities at: