Boston Band Crush Archived Article: One Night Band Recap Crush: The It Kitties!

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). The 2nd band of the night was The It Kitties! Just by chance, we didn’t end up grabbing any interviews with band members during the morning meeting and an unfortunate technical issue resulted in the band being the only one without a post-interview. Luckily, the band’s performance makes up for the lack of extra goodies! We hope to also be able to add a recap from one of the band members…

Set Highlight: The night’s only use of an excellent all-percussion section

The It Kitties!
Martin Rex (Broken River Prophet)
Izzy Maxwell (Death of the Cool/Count Zero)
John Powhida (John Powhida International Airport/The Rudds)
C.D. Di Guardia (Linus and the Longliners)
Jen Johnson (Static of the Gods)