Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush Recap: Larcenist, Static of the Gods, The Shondes

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Last Wednesday, 08/26/09 was another Ryan’s Smashing Life showcase. Show preview was here:

Larcenist were releasing their CD at this show, they are a group of five songwriters that all sing and sometimes do gang vocals. They veered from street punk to alt-country in a way that made them hard to pin down genre-wise. More photos of Larcenist are located here.
Larcenist Video:

Static of the Gods are a perfect trio. Everyone contributes to this intense wall of music that allows Johnson’s vocals to wash over the instruments and the crowd. More photos of SOTG are located here.

SOTG Video:

The Shondes are from Brooklyn and I hear a similar vocal attack to that of Boston’s own Amanda Palmer. More photos of The Shondes are located here.

The Shondes Video:

We were running late and missed what we heard was a great set from opener, Ian Adams.