Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush Recap: The Lights Out, The Future Everybody, Gene Dante, Golden Bloom

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August 27th, 2009 at The Middle East UP

More photos of Golden Bloom here.

Golden Bloom started the night off right with their brand of poppy indie-rock. Front-man Fogel writes the kind of songs that sneak up on you—when you think you’re just listening to some nice melodies, suddenly it hits you that these are GREAT songs. All night I had people coming up to me and asking me who this Golden Bloom is—they’re based outta New York, and if you didn’t catch this show, when they’re next in town, don’t screw up and miss it again!
Video of Golden Bloom:

More Photos of Gene Dante and the Future Starlets here.

Gene Dante and the Future Starlets persevered through some early technical difficulties to deliver the glam to the people. I saw many mouths singing along to every song.

Video of Gene Dante and the Future Starlets:

More photos of The Future Everybody here. Find out more about choosing the name ‘The Future Everybody’ here.

The crowd had swelled up for The Future Everybody’s debut performance. I expected them to be good considering the talent that has come together for this project: Mike and Nate from Scamper, Matt from The Motion Sick, and Morgan who I had seen perform with Cult of Point Break Society – and these kids delivered. The music is not unlike Scamper (they even played a Scamper song, “Bruised by You”). There’s less choreographed jumping but the music still has the same Weezer-esque pop sensibility. Personally, I’d love to hear more (there were some) synthy lead lines (a la Greg Hawkes) added by newcomer, Veronica Dale (this was her first show with a band EVER!). All in all, I think we can agree with The Lights Out when they described this set as one of the best first shows ever.

Video of almost the entire The Future Everybody set:

More photos of The Lights Out here.

The Lights Out capped off this awesome night of rock, scorching through crowd favorites. Also, they have such an awesome merch set-up (a listening station-literally) that we joked that they could fund the band by making a business selling these to other bands.

Video of The Lights Out: