Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Recap Crush: Sidewalk Driver CD Release with The Motion Sick, Aloud, and John Powhida International Airport

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). JC McKitterick opened up the night, he is Tad’s (from Sidewalk Driver) brother. I was in a parking nightmare and totally missed his set, unfortunately. However, he did take an opportunity to jump on stage and sing along with Tad on their song, “ Memo to Mrs. Tindle.”

The Motion Sick played mostly new material (which includes a song that has a violin bow abuses a guitar) and rocked the early slot.

Aloud was next and debuted new band members! And new color coordination, I’m loving their all red and black scheme that includes their cloths and instruments.

The night though, was all about Sidewalk Driver and their brand new CD, For All the Boys & Girls. They dressed up TT the Bears to match their enthusiasm: balloons, cupcakes, goodie bags with toys and candy, and a children’s birthday banner that instead spelled out S-i-d-e-w-a-l-k-D-r-i-v-e-r.

I haven’t been to a Sidewalk Driver show that wasn’t 100% awesome, and this show certainly reached that and went beyond. The band was dressed in basic black that allowed Tad’s costume (of a white floor length jacket that would have made Klaus Nomi jealous) rightfully steal the spotlight. They played all of the songs from the record to a very packed room. John Powhida came up to do guest vocals on the song “Marianne.” They ended the set with a glammed up version of “Rebel Yell.”

Part of the fun of watching John Powhida International Airport is the unexpected witty and insane banter that comes out of J-Po’s mouth. They served up some funky 70s smooth rock and J-Po was hilarious as usual.

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