Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Why am I out of town crush? Dead Confederate! The Middle East Upstairs on Friday 10/30

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). If you can tear yourself away from the 10 billion great Halloween shows this weekend and you aren’t out of town like I am, one of my favorite bands in the known universe is paying Boston a visit!

Dead Confederate, who grabbed positions 1 and 2 in my 13 crushes of 2008 post and who I posted about 10 other times about, will be destroying The Middle East Upstairs on Friday 10/30 with their Nirvana-of-the-South scorchers.  If that isn’t quite enough to cause you to shed your costume, the bill also includes A Place to Bury Strangers and All the Saints.  I reiterate, Dead Confederate is one of my favorite non-local acts in the entire world!

I am terribly sad that embedding is disabled on their videos, so you can’t see them here, but here are:

“Start Me Laughing” –
“The Rat” –

Here’s “The Rat” live at KEXP

…and an old interview I did with them over a year ago