Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Show Crush Recap: Metric at House of Blues

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11/20/09 House of Blues:
Metric started out mellow, opening the night with “Twilight Galaxy,” and surprisingly to me (I would have thought they’d save “the big hit” for the encore) they jumped right into “Help, I’m Alive.” They then proceeded to run through most (if not all of) the Fantasies record, interspersing a few older songs including “Handshakes” and “Dead Disco.” Emily Haines had on a fabulous silver-sparkle dress and was extremely animated, stalking the stage, getting the crowd to fist-pump, and breathlessly jumping around (in a way that almost reminded us of jazzercise—the girl has to get her exercise on the road!) The encore was “Monster Hospital” followed by an acoustic-guitar and vocals only “Combat Baby.” The amazing rock photographer, Kelly Davidson shot the night for us and captured some great moments (for even more Metric photos, check out Kelly’s Flickr):