Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Arts ‘n’ Crafts & Gangsta Rap Crush: J-Krafty, The Original Crafta Video Release 12/11

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). J-Krafty (a.k.a. ‘slim crafty’, a.k.a. 25cent a.k.a the O.C. – the original crafta) has written the absolute very best song about being a gangsta arts ‘n’ craftster ever written. Sure, it may also be the only one ever written, but it definitely tops my list for funniest song of 2009.

Listen to it, right now:


“J-Krafty, the original crafta, is the world’s first gangsta-rap arts and crafts superstar. Whether scrapbookin’ on tha street corner, making a diorama of yo mama, or rhymin’ on tha mike, J-Krafty tells tales of a sordid, collaged world. His off-tha-rug-hook hit single, “Crafty” is flying off shelves at inner-city record shops and suburban arts and crafts supply houses across the nation. Hate tha game, not tha crafta.”

Now, the man himself is releasing a music video to accompany his songwriting genius at a very special video-release party featuring the world premiere of the video, live performances by J-Krafty and his crafty crew (including Knitta, Scizza, and DJ Rubberstamp).

DILBOY VFW HALL (George Dilboy Post No. 529)
371 Summer St. (Davis Sq.) Somerville, MA 02144
Friday, December 11, 2009 – $5 / cash bar
DJ Rubberstamp spinnin’ the hits from tha hood throughout

7:00 PM – crafting begins, with Bring-Your-Own-Shirt silk screening, a sharpie tattoo parlor, and a make your own gangsta holiday ornament booth

8:00 PM – Music by members of tha Crafty Crew plus:
Bridget Matros (co-creator of Union Square’s Smell-o-vision)
-Leesa (of the band Naked on Roller Skates)
Joe Kowan

…and finally, a full-on dreamcatching assault by J. Krafty himself

9:30 PM –  Video Screening plus deleted scenes and extras

Watch the video trailer for “Crafty”