Boston Band Crush Archived Article: Best of ’09 Crush: Brendan Boogie’s top descriptions of Mike Epstein’s moustache

This article originally appears on Boston Band Crush ). Brendan Boogie (left) fronts Brendan Boogie & the Best Intentions and runs the wildly successful Cover-Up series at the Lizard Lounge. Mike Epstein is a co-founder of Boston Band Crush and fronts The Motion Sick.

Brendan Boogie’s Top 10 Descriptions of Mike Epstein’s Moustache

10. Dashingly disturbing

9. Groin-curdling
8. “The Greg Evigan of facial hair”
7. Metro/retro/terrible
6. Pubic
5. “Mike’s moustache is… well, he’s a really nice guy.”
4. Turkish, weirdly enough
3. So bad it should be studied
2. At least twice as funny as “According to Jim”
1. Motion sickening