Launch Over: Radio Campaign Opportunity

Launch Over is exploring the possibility of pooling the funds of several bands in order to cut down expenses for conducting a mailing campaign to college radio stations. The target date for the campaign is late March / early April. We’re looking for new, professionally recorded releases by Boston-based artists. Our vision – to build a package and develop a set of bio/press materials (including one-sheets and station ID packages) for up to 5 records to package together and send to approximately 300 radio stations. Although we will follow up with as many stations as possible, this is not a full-service campaign and we will not track charting, etc. In other words, this is not a true replacement for traditional radio servicing and is not appropriate for artists concerned with CMJ radio chart accomplishments. This is instead intended to be a low-cost alternative to a traditional full campaign. Artists included in this package would simply pay their share of the shipping/packaging costs and receive all other included services at no cost whatsoever. Estimated cost for entire campaign: $300-$500 (plus artists would need to provide 300 copies of their CD). Please let us know if you are interested in joining forces with us!