Belated July 2010 Tour Thanks!

To the people that made our hilarious-adventure a reality:

photo by the beautiful and talented Kelly Davidson

Agent (Mike) Bishop was indispensable to us on the road. His official title was ‘tour manager’ – in this capacity he made hotel arrangements, was a roadie, called the venues for information, dealt with money situations, did our merch, and generally was a helping pair of hands. He also entertained us on the long drives with weird trivia about himself.

Kelly tangled in a web of seatbelts!

Kelly Davidson ( is our official photographer (on the road and in general) – she came along to document our adventures. Her photos and video are amazing and it was really awesome to have her along – she is ever cheerful and fun to have around.

Danielle Freudenthal of Invictus Booking set up our whole tour for us. A few months ahead of time I gave her a general outline of where we wanted to head with a few key cities to hit. She filled nearly all of our dates and wrangled information out of the venues (which takes some persistence to do). She even got us a few guarantees – which for a band just starting at touring is pretty great.

Some video memories!
Agent Bishop hunts Juggalos:

Kelly deciding that she’s kicking Mike out and is our new bass player:

Singing at Foamhenge:

Singing at a creepy industrial park in Cleveland:

What Agent Bishop does when I need to run into the drugstore:

Kelly grooming Bishop in the backseat, WARNING – not for the queasy:

The OHIO Song! (and here it is originally performed on The Motion Sick tour)

Agent Bishop licking his neck, and showing us that he can’t snap!

us playing Ping Pong