The Motion Sick: 30 Lives

Hello Audio voyeurs,

The Motion Sick is here with a very special treat. Do pass go. Do collect $200. You have won second place in a beauty contest! As a prize, here is a link to a super-secret, agency-banned, kid-tested, mother-disapproved, pre-production demo recording of a song that will be on our forthcoming album:

If that’s not fabulous enough, you can see us perform the song live in a mega-hidden cheat code bootleg video here:

Then, after listening to the song and memorizing all of the lyrics and watching the video and learning the choreographed dance moves, you can come see us perform the song live tomorrow:

The Bulfinch Yacht Club
Boston, MA
w/The Five Percent, The Antisocialites, A Dose of Reality

We’re on early (9:30), so don’t forget to shine your dancing shoes!

^ ^ v v < > < > B A Select Start,
The Motion Sick