The Motion Sick: Have a Nice Life – Deathconsciousness

I came across this band when I saw their album cover was a crop of the painting The Death of Marat.  Our song, “Jean-Paul” was written by Sophia Cacciola in response to that painting.  My expectations were low for Have a Nice Life (to say the least), but then, they ended up being really awesome.  I downloaded their whole record and I am now purchasing it.  

It’s probably the only band influenced by any of Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, Jesus and Mary Chain, The Cure, Nine Inch Nails, etc.  that is any good.  The songs are really dynamic, powerful and intense.

“Instead of liner notes, the record is accompanied by a short book entitled Deathconsciousness: On An Obscure Text, an in-depth exploration of the complex religious and historical imagery used in the music. Written both by the band and by *Name Redacted*, Professor of History from the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, the moving and disturbing book can greatly enhance the listening experience by explaining the large amount of historical research that underlies the music.”

Pretty damn awesome.