The Motion Sick: Super-Monday

Good Morning All,

Well it’s Monday, the day after the coveted Super-Bowl. I am a Green Bay Packers fan, so I could care less who actually won the game last night. I must admit that I did enjoy the actual game, both teams played hard and it’s always nice to see a tight football game. Blowouts are just boring. I think the majority of the USA felt that the Patriots had won the game before it even began, so I suppose it’s a really good news story that the Giants won. The Patriots had a chance to make history, but failed on the biggest stage of them all. It must suck to be a Pats fan today… Have no fear New England, Spring Training starts in 12 days!
I spent most of my weekend attending shows. Friday night I saw Neko Case in Providence. She put on a good performance and chose really great songs for her setlist. She even played a cool Tom Petty cover, I’ve been trying to find the setlist online, but have failed so far. On Saturday, I went to see a show at The Middle East-Downstairs. It was a bill that included all local acts, most of which we have played with at least once. The bill included Aloud, Harris, Baker and Scamper. It was billed as Scamper’s final performance. It was a fun rock n roll show, the club was VERY full, and the sound was good too. It was nice to be able to go out and just watch and listen and not have to worry about playing, it’s hard when you’re in a band to find the time to do that. It was also nice to go and support local music, I think it’s important to support your brothers and sisters in arms… It must have been a weird feeling for the boys in Scamper to get up on stage and play to a full club, knowing that it would be the final time. Weird indeed.
Don’t forget that The Motion Sick will be having our CD release show on 2/27/08 at CHURCH. It’s going to be a great show! We will be leaving to go on tour two days later, so come on out to see us off!