The Motion Sick: Radio Station Spotlight: WVCW

Although some commercial stations are currently playing our music regularly, we largely depend on college and non-commercial radio for airplay. I was a DJ for about 9 years at WHRW and WRBB doing both pop and sound collage shows and serving on the board at each station in a variety of positions.

Because of the importance of non-commercial radio to us, and the degree to which it is ignored by the mainstream media, we thought we’d take some time to feature some great smaller radio stations that you may not know about yet.

Virginia Commonwealth University‘s station WVCW is a definite up-and-comer. They’ve got all kinds of shows ranging from Americana to Metal to Hip-Hop.

Music director Mike Garrett gives us a little insight into the exciting things happening over at WVCW:

We’ve come back from having only 7 staff members who only got to play world music to a full fledged station with 40 returning staff,  20-30 new staff applications every semester, a new server, new format,  new news department, and many many other improvements. We’re even expecting to be on air in the next 5 years. Keep your eyes out for WVCW.

Head on over to WVCW and give a listen!