The Motion Sick: Blog of the Day: Stuff White People Like

***3/24 Update: The Boston Globe ran a feature on this blog today…2 days after I posted it…coincidence? –***

This is a pretty great blog satiring the lifestyles of “white people,” by which they basically mean young, professional “cosmopolitan” types who feel good about their environmental, anti-corporate stances without actually taking any real actions that elicit change (like myself)…

I am having trouble even picking a good example to cite here because they are almost all pretty clever and amusing.

I enjoy many of the lighter ones too, but #62 Knowing what’s best for poor people is a hit:
White people spend a lot of time of worrying about poor people. It takes up a pretty significant portion of their day.

They feel guilty and sad that poor people shop at Wal*Mart instead of Whole Foods, that they vote Republican instead of Democratic, that they go to Community College/get a job instead of studying art at a University.