The Motion Sick: Tilly and the Wall @ The Middle East 3/22

Saw Tilly and the Wall on Saturday. Was a fun time. Review forthcoming at:

Here’s a setlist. The unreleased songs are best guesses based on lyrics and prior setlists (MP3s are from the Team Love website unless otherwise noted):

1. Chandelier Lake (Forthcoming album) – (Daytrotter Version)
2. Pot Kettle Black (Forthcoming album)
3. Fell Down the Stairs (Wild Like Children) – MP3
4. The Freest Man (Bottoms of Barrels) – MP3
5. Urgency (Bottoms of Barrels)
6. Dust Me Off (Forthcoming album)
7. Nights of the Living Dead (Wild Like Children) – MP3
8. Tall Tall Grass (Forthcoming album)
9. Bad Education (Bottoms of Barrels) – MP3
10. Beat Control (Beat Control Single)
11. Blood Flowers (Forthcoming album)
12. Sing Songs Along (Bottoms of Barrels)

1. Lost Girls (Bottoms of Barrels)
2. I Always Knew (Wild Like Children)
3. Reckless (Wild Like Children) – MP3
4. Rainbows in the Dark (Bottoms of Barrels) – MP3

Beat Control Live

Beat Control Video