The Motion Sick: The Long Awaited Coffee Blog

My Coffee Run down for the Tour 2008:

Ken’s House – Good body and certainly welcome with my body in such bad shape.
WEEM – Jeff made us some coffee while we played, and it was really good coffee; honestly much better than I expected. Well balanced with a nice nutty flavor.
Indianapolis – we ventured into this hip café/restaurant and I ordered a Double Espresso. I was expecting a good Doppio, but honestly, it was pretty poor… There was no crema and it wasn’t nearly as hot as it should’ve been. On the bright side, both Travis and Mike ordered Lattes and said they were tasty. There was a little coffee shop down the corner, but it was slightly out of the way… I wish we would’ve gone there.

Illinois – Starbucks. Standard Starbucks, and I wouldn’t have been as happy, but considering I had just had a lousy espresso it was welcome.

Convenience store in Jackson TN – there was a little coffee area in this convenience store and it was the first coffee that we could really find all day. It was pretty standard gas-station coffee; but Mike was excited since they had soymilk there.

Drury Hotel, Hayti MO – As part of their HOT! Breakfast, the Drury had complimentary coffee and tea. It was a little watery (as I seem to have found in the Midwest – think Maxwell House), but wasn’t quite as acidic as I usually find it.

The Mudhouse Coffee Shop, Springfield MO – This was the best cup of coffee I have had the entire trip thus far. Nice well-balanced espresso, good crema, and served in this totally awesome hand-made mug. Delicious and welcomed.

The Mudhouse Day 2 – So, instead of a Doppio, I opted for some drip coffee… I debated between the bottomless cup and the 16 ounce, eventually deciding that the 16 would keep me from drinking 20 cups of coffee. I must’ve gotten a bad batch, since it was a little too acidic without the same body I was expecting.

Café Brazil (Dallas) – Quite delicious different blends. They had quite a variety of flavored coffees (which I know; is a sacrilege to you coffee snobs out there, but I happen to still like them for what they are). This was also the spot where I posed for some pictures and as a movie star.

Erica and Jason’s house (French Press) – Jason made some damn good French press; plus he had soymilk!

Starbucks all the rest – We went to so many damn Starbucks b/c there was almost no other coffee on the road. I generally don’t order lattes, and prefer either espresso or drip coffee. Since I was in need of quantity, I usually ordered the Venti Bold. I do know that in general, Travis and Mike enjoyed the Lattes. However, on Friday when it was 92 degrees, I did order an Iced Coffee.. the first of the year!

Travel Stop in Arkansas – I needed some coffee… it was 4:30am and the only place that was open was this gas station / NASCAR headquarters. We fueled up and I got a 20 ounce cup of acid; but it came with a free poptart.. so I was relatively satisfied.

That’s it for the coffee… Unfortunately, I would have more entries, but Starbucks probably made up about 40% of my coffee drinking and there’s only so much I can say about Starbucks.