The Motion Sick: Saturday 3/8/08 – Matt

After a nice restful sleep; I headed downstairs to the famous Drury Hotel HOT! Breakfast. I made myself a Belgian waffle as well as a biscuit and some yogurt. We spent the rest of the morning figuring out what we were going to do about a place to stay in Austin and made some posters for the shows we’ll be playing. I was hoping that Patrick would jump in the pool; but he just barely made the HOT! Breakfast, there was little time for any pool action.

We hopped into the car and made the trek to Springfield. All I have to say is, there isn’t a damn thing in this state. We drove past some signs for counties, and the entire population of one county was 40,000… more people than that live in my area of Boston! One town had a total population of 363 people. I was wondering if they try and time deaths and births so they don’t have to change the sign too often. Mike was dying for some Taco Bell (and had been for the past two days) since it is one of the few things he can find to eat at these Middle America rest stops. We found a Taco Bell / KFC and stopped there. I had some bean burritos with no cheese, as did Mike. We still had some time to kill and needed a little visual stimulation, since we weren’t getting any on the road. Wal-Mart and the $1 Store supplied that and we wandered around there for a little while.

I’ve been curious as to what Springfield is going to look like.. since we’ve been driving around the middle of nowhere for a while, I was pretty concerned; but now that we’ve arrived, things are looking pretty good. Springfield seems very similar to Burlington VT, another small city I like. We found a coffee shop (with excellent coffee) and decided to get up to date. The Front Porch is across the street, so we’re just chilling out until we’re ready to load in.

The Front Porch was a nice venue, I did the tour this time, so I’ll save the description for the video. We arranged to share gear with The Silent Years, who we are also sharing a bill with on Sunday. Finally, and easy load-in/load-out day.

We stopped at the Mudhouse again for some coffee and internets. However, I’m getting pretty bored; I’d just as soon as hit the road; I feel a little chained to the internet and while we need steady access to update everything, its feeling a little daunting.

– Travis and I stopped to grab some 15 cent wings at a bar and had a few pints.. it was nice and relaxing to grab a drink; especially since we were somewhat unable to the evening before. When we returned to the Mudhouse to collect Mike and Patrick; we noticed that Patrick had been casually held prisoner by the Holy Spirit, or whatever pseudo-religious term he may have called himself. I held out leaving just a bit to extend the torture and it gave us some extra material to use here in the blog.