The Motion Sick: Tour Blog 2008 – 3/5 – Indianapolis – Travis

Well, what can I say about today other than BRUTAL! We went to bed from the DC show at like1am and I was up at 4:30am to get ready to leave. Working on very minimal sleep. We got out the door basically on time at 5:30am for the trek to Indianapolis. Driving on 3 hours sleep is hard enough as it is, but there were fucking no places to stop and get coffee! WTF?! I went 3 plus hours without any coffee, so I had a nasty ass caffeine headache. Sucked. After finally finding a Dunkin Donuts off the highway, I was ready to get back to the long jaunt.

I did most of the driving to Indianapolis, which was like a 10 hour trip. I took a break for about 2 plus hours and then was back at it. Driving through the mountains of West Virginia and Maryland kept me on my toes as the wind gusts were terrifying! That shit literally was blowing the car all over the road… I felt like I was piloting an airplane instead of a car.

We arrived in Indianapolis at 91.7, WEEM. We did an in-studio performance which will be posted on My Old Kentucky Blog, which rules because that shit is cool. Check it out. We also did an interview which was really fun. After the radio bit, we loaded all of the gear back into the van and head 20 minutes down the road to Birdy’s, where we then unloaded it again to play the show. I have to say, that’s not a whole lot of fun. Unpacking and packing the van, really just makes me an unhappy camper. I’m really glad Matt has taken the bull by the horns and taken the lead on the packing gig.

Birdy’s was a cool venue. Big stage. It’s a venue that allows smoking though, so I can’t say I enjoyed that aspect of it. That’s probably my biggest gripe about touring, the states/cities that haven’t banned smoking… I can’t breathe and I smell like smoke no matter what. Very, very unpleasant. It causes me anger. All in all, I think we played a good set, I had good stage sound which is a huge bonus.
One of the bands we played with, The Peggy Sues, offered to let us stay at their house for the evening. Lisa and Ashley were very gracious hosts, and their dog Lu Lu rocked. A very special thanks to them for allowing 4 rock n roll dudes to stay in their home.