The Motion Sick: Tour Blog – 3/4 – DC – Mike

DC was a fun time as always. We had a quick run through the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum and we got to see the “American Treasures” (approximate title) special exhibit. It was a really strange set of stuff ranging from the hat Lincoln was shot in to the ruby red slippers from The Wizard of Oz to Einstein’s pipe and Prince’s guitar.

Outside the museum, Pat found himself drawn into the spidery cult of the jumping tourists and followed a man with a yellow flag toward potential doom, but escaped just in the nick of time…all caught on film.

After, we rolled on down to The Red and the Black and relaxed while watching “Ninja Warrior” and “American Gladiators” on the bar satellite TV. TRatB is a small place, but it has a great vibe, a great staff, and a good sounding room where they don’t need to mic anything. We played to a relatively light, but supportive and cool crowd and were followed by the garage-rock riffs of The BreakUps and the soulful jams of The Ambitions. We headed back to Virginia where we stayed with Matt’s friend Ken and his family. We got to bed about 2 and were out the door on the road the next day by 5:45 to head over to our session at WEEM.