The Motion Sick: Tour Blog 2008 – 3/4 – DC – Patrick (AKA Starman)

Good morning from Virginia. Ken, Matt’s friend set us up real nice in his pad. I think I kept Matt up with some explosive gas though, I believe he described me as, “a motor boat running out of gas.” But I had a good night’s rest.

We had a leisurely morning, showering and chatting at our own pace, no one gave me a hard time for catching those few extra z’s that I love so much in the morn and that is always nice, not getting a hard time.

I spent some time with my new canine friend mitzy and then we headed into DC which is about a half hour from Ken’s. We all like air and space and you may remember on our last tour we went to the hangar air and space museum so this time we visited the one located on the mall in DC, just can’t get enough air and space.

After the museum I tried to join a group of Japanese tourists. I believe there is some footage of me following their leader who was holding a yellow flag. They were having a great time jumping off steps and doing all sorts of neat things and I just wanted to be involved.

In DC we got to play at the Red and Black, which we had been to on our last tour. It’s a very cool place and I really like the folks that work there. Bill, who seems to do everything from run the soundboard to bartend was there as he always is and he is a real music lover, truly devoted to helping bands and building a scene in DC. We had a pretty good show even though Travis had to play in a little culvert on the stage which makes it impossible for him to hear anything.

Our bartender in the downstairs bar is also worth mentioning for being great as well. Her name was Anne and she really helped pass the long hours of waiting before and after the show. She is someone we will look forward to seeing again on your next trip down to DC.

At Ken’s I spent some more time rubbing Mitzy and because we had to wake up at 5am to make it to our next show at 3 I did the guys, mostly Mike the favor of showering at night so they didn’t, Mike, freak out about me sleeping late or taking too long.