The Motion Sick: Tour Wrap up and Thanks

Driving back from Texas was the longest I’ve ever spent in a car in two days in my entire life. My legs cramp up just from thinking about it. Watch the videos for any funny stuff; especially Pat getting pulled over.

Overall, I’d like to thank the boys in the band for making the entire trip an eventful and exciting one. I really appreciate everything that each of you bring to the table.

I’d also like to thank my buddy Ken Holmes, who hooked us up with accommodations on two separate occasions. (Don’t worry; we’ll get the bikes out soon!).

Thanks to Phuong for helping us out on a rather traumatic evening in Houston.. Hope to see you in May!

Thanks for Erica and Jason for opening up their tiny apartment and giving us a thorough tour of their neighborhood in Dallas.

Thanks to all the bands we played with, especially The Peggy Sues, Jay Bee from Love and a Sidearm, The Silent Years, The Hard Lessons, The Beangrowers, and Neptune.

Thanks to Kelly Davidson for being so persistent.

Thanks to all the internet we used.

And special thanks to being out of the van!