The Motion Sick: Travrad’s-Post Tour Blog-Day 1

Holy shit what a fun time I had on tour! I’m sad it’s over. All the positives outweigh the negatives, which makes it easy to justify the lifestyle and the decision to tour in the future.

I will post my blogs from other cities this week, as I didn’t have a chance to really write while we were out on the road. So, please look for them this week. It’s hard to come back to real life, a very weird adjustment. You get so used to being cramped in small spaces, not eating or sleeping well, being physically and mentally exhausted, that NOT having to deal with all of that, seems like a foreign concept. I know, it sounds weird right?

I want to say a few Thanks You’s for a moment. First and foremost, thank you sooooooo much to Mike, Matt and Patrick for going into battle with me. It’s a honor and pleasure to make music with you and to be your friend. You guys mean the world to me… Starman, you owe me a batch of brownies. Fucking thief.

Thank you to Ken and his parents for housing us for 2 nights.

Thank You to Ashley and Lisa for letting us crash in Indy.

Thanks to Jay Bee for EVERYTHING in St. Charles, you are a great, hilarious dude!

Thank You Jackson, TN for fucking us over in every which way possible. You do however have a nice Starbucks.

Thank You Julie for hanging out with us and letting us crash in Springfield. Tell Bramer, Go Bears!

Muchas Gracias to Kate for her kind words about my drumming and for housing us in Tulsa. Good luck with the business!

Faye in Houston, you rock for hosting us at your place. By far, you have the nicest furniture and cereal dispensers I’ve seen.

Thanks so much to Erica and Jason in Dallas. You guys were a lot of fun to hang with and I appreciate your hospitality. Good luck with the move.

Thank You Lisa for keeping me grounded and for your support.

It’s really important to note that without the people I mention above, this tour would not have been as successful. Their generosity and kindness were major keys in allowing us to tour. If ANY of you ever need anything, don’t ever hesitate to call. I look forward to seeing you all again!

We played our hearts out. It was amazing to visit all of the cities on the tour. I saw a lot of middle America. Most of it is fairly flat and boring to watch out of a car window, but the people who live there are great. Always friendly, and equally passionate about listening to and making great music. I’m happy that we were able to perform for you, and I can’t wait to do it again.

We love performing and creating music… Thank you for the opportunity. I’ll write more when I don’t feel like I’m going to collapse. I’ll check ya later.