There is a new vegan cheese, put out by the Chicago Soy Dairy (who make the delicious Temptation Ice Cream) called Teese All of the vegan blogs I read have been abuzz about this cheese, mostly saying how great it melts. I really want to be a fan of Teese, because I really appreciate that the Chicago Soy Dairy exists. None of thier equipment is shared with dairy, nor are they owned by any dairy companies, like many other soy products are. Since Teese is not actually for sale anywhere, and it gets complicated and pricey to order it, as they recommend an ice pack for the mail, Mike and I went to try it at TJ Scallywaggles in Allston, who I recently found out have switched to Teese (from Follow Your Heart Vegan Gourmet Mozzarella) for their pizzas. Our first impression, is that it is more like real milk-cheese than Follow Your Heart, but we weren’t totally sold on the flavor, which was very garlicky. The pizza we had definitely had too much Teese on it, so this could be factoring in to our first impression. Anyway, we want to give it a second chance, and will soon order a few pounds.

03/08/09 Update: I’ve been now enjoying Teese at Veggie Planet; and it’s definitely grown on me. Now that Mike is definitely allergic to all seaweed (and, it’s derivitives like carrageenan) we are even more excited about it because it doesn’t contain any seaweed bi-products (while Follow Your Heart does). Sadly, though, the chedder flavor does have carrageenan–I assume to make it stiffer than the mozzarella flavor.  I still need to order some to experiment with at home.