The Motion Sick: Dewey Beach: Guest Blog 1 – Sophia

First off, for the record, I don’t mind having the windows open in the
car, I mind getting my face bruised, blasted, and whipped by the wind,
there is a crazy amount of force that goes straight to the backseat, I am
sure it’s much more pleasant in the front. Aside from this our epic ride
to Delaware (Google maps lies! They said it would be 7 hours, but it was
closer to 11, due to traffic) was mostly pleasant, including a few
singalongs to 80s classics.

During the show I took some video on a few songs and got some cool
pictures, including a pictorial of every one’s pedal boards. Check those
out on The Motion Sick Photos page.

The hotel, as Travis said, was a bit suspicious, but it was pretty cheap,
so I can’t complain much. Saturday we spent the morning walking the beach and
checking out the town. Being that it is April, a lot of the fun stuff
still isn’t open for the season (including the waterslides), so after
meandering around a bit we hit up Crabby Dicks, had a round of Yeungling,
and hit the road for NYC.

I was very excited to have my first celebrity siting in New York, Steven
Van Zandt of E-Street Band, the Underground Garage Radio show, and
Sopranos fame. Of course, he heard me when I shouted, “Hey is that Little
Stevie?!,” and he looked up and gave an ape-like expression and proceeded
to lift his Polka-Dot luggage out of his car and wander up to a building
across the street. I mostly recognized him because he was wearing his
signature head scarf. He had a pretty sweet ride, complete with fuzzy dice
and New Jersey plates. We also witnessed him getting a ticket for parking
next to a fire hydrant, and we got some pictures of the ticket being
placed on the windshield, which goes to show that Little Stevie is not
above parking laws.

We also got to hang out with David T, my old bandmate from
Blitzkriegbliss. David exists primarily in the Classical world these days
and we got to meet some of his friends at a party in Dumbo (this is the
best name for a neighborhood ever! Dumbo is an acronym for the bulky “Down
Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”). At said party, we got to experience
the Kosher for Passover Coca-Cola, that I had been searching for in
Boston (and by searching, I mean I perused the Passover aisles at two
grocery stores and promptly gave up). Anyway, David’s friends were pretty
chill and I had some neat conversations, including how I am going to make
a mohito-style martini out of Catnip-and then create a master race of
humans spliced with feline genes so I’ll have a species to market it to. I
also proclaimed, and I’ll admit, this pretty much went over every one’s
head, that in Star Wars, during the “Luke I am your father” scene that
when Darth takes off his mask, it should be James Earl Jones instead of
Sebastian Shaw (I guess my theory ignores the man in the costume, David
Prowse) because by the time we get to the “future” our genes will be so
mingled that it wouldn’t be ridiculous for James Earl Jones to father Mark
Hamill. No one agreed with me. Why I was so obsessed with genetics on
Saturday remains a mystery.

After the party we crashed for three hours and then went to meet Travis
and Lisa to catch the ride back to Boston. While waiting for them I
spotted a Bagel place, and started saying “Gotta Getta Bagel” repeatedly,
which also happened to be the name of the establishment. Now, maybe it was
because I was delirious from lack of sleep, but this was the best bagel
ever, and they had tofu cream cheese which was also delicious. I think I
slept most of the way home, and most of the day Sunday, so that pretty
much wraps up my Dewey Beach weekend.