The Motion Sick: Milk?

I’m a vegan, so I don’t drink milk.  Today, CNN had an article headline that struck me :

Headline: “Fad-free advice: Hormones or no, keep drinking milk”

I thought, oh this might be interesting.  Just about all of the legitimate scientific studies I have seen have not supported the idea that drinking milk is important nor maybe even healthy.  Despite the fact that I don’t drink milk for ethical reasons, I am open to seeing a study that shows a benefit from its consumption.  I guess I have this bad feeling knowing that kids are essentially drilled with the idea that they need to drink milk in order to be healthy and have big muscles, etc. despite the fact that scientific evidence doesn’t seem to support these claims, so I secretly hope they actually get some benefit from it.  

So, great, this new study.  Oh wait.  There isn’t a study.  Second paragraph says:

“While scientific studies have proven inconclusive, it’s important to focus on what we do know. Milk has nutrients that are essential to your health, so whatever you do, don’t stop drinking it.”

In other words, despite the fact that conclusive evidence doesn’t exist, we still somehow know milk is “essential” for your health.  They also completely ignore the issue of hormones, which is present in the headline.  

I really hope Time-Warner got a big paycheck for this “article.”

In fairness, the article SORT OF goes on to say that calcium is important and that you can get it from non-dairy sources…

I will say that I am impressed that Wal-Mart decided to make its private label milk free of BGH.  I just wish these articles contained legitimate science and evidence supporting their claims.  I guess that’s asking a bit too much when such strong lobbies exist for these industries.

Anyway, back to your milk if you like it, back to your non-milk if you don’t…