The Motion Sick: Air Guitar Nation

So, I’m hanging out in Berkeley for the evening with some friends, and throughout the course of the evening, we’re told that we HAVE to see this movie/documentary/mockumentary that they have called Air Guitar Nation.

The film basically chronicles the events of both the inaugural U.S. Air Guitar Competition (with the winner traveling to Finland for the World Championship and Bjorn Turoque’s (better known as Born-to-Rock for those of you lacking your Swedish Pronunciations) quest to make it to Finland, considering he came in second place to the eventual World Champion C-Diddy several times and had to pay his own way over to Finland. Bjorn perhaps tries to intellectualize Air Guitar too much, but everyone’s seriousness (or claim to be serious) gives the entire film an air of This Is Spinal Tap, so clearly it is in league with the best.

Here’s the Trailer: