The Motion Sick: Rock Plaza Central at TT the Bear’s

I saw Rock Plaza Central last night at TT’s.  They are a really interesting rag-tag group with songs about an epic battle between the heavens and Earth and the repercussions of tricking robotic horses into fighting on the side of man. 

There is a great article about the experience of working on the record from a band member who is not the primary songwriter:

One evening Chris [singer/guitarist Chris Eaton] said to me, “I think the next record is going to be all about robot horses.” “Robot horses?” I replied. “Robot horses. In fact, six-legged robot horses. But the problem, of course, is that they think they’re real horses.” Blink. Chris went on, “You remember the war between the angels and the humans from the last record, right?” As a matter of fact, I didn’t. And furthermore, even to this day, it seems that no one in the band quite understands what the hell Chris is talking about when he mentions the war.

Here’s a live video of “I am an Excellent Steel Horse”

Here’s a bunch of their set:

Ryan Walsh of Hallelujah the Hills also played:

as did Plants and Animals: