The Motion Sick: Electric Laser People (gear stolen)

Our close pals in Electric Laser People, who will be joining us for The Flash Wednesday as part of our August residency to rock out about Superheroes were robbed this weekend of some important gear. We’re always greatly saddened when hear about stuff like this going down. Anyway, if you happen to run across any of this stuff or know anything about it, please help them out. Here’s the message they sent out:

Subject: Crime Bulletin: ELP practice space robbed on 6/7/08

Here’s what they took:
– 1 hp dc5700 desktop tower (sn 2Ua715133Y / EW287AV).
– 1 19″ monitor. (hp, matches computer )
– 1 external usb harddrive (forgot manufacturer)

used synthesizers->
– 1 yamaha tx81z
– 1 oberheim matrix 1000

– 2 other computers stolen as well.

Our computer and backup stored all of our recordings since we’ve been playing as ELP and previously as The Product.

This hurts.

If you have any information, please let us know.

If you have the stuff, please return it. We promise won’t hurt you.