The Motion Sick: Johnny Rotten battles the Bodog Battle Lady

As some of you may recall, The Motion Sick was one step away from being invited to appear on The Bodog Battle of the Bands million dollar contract thing on Fuse. We lost to the energetic fellows of Fear Nuttin’ Band, who had a penchant for singing songs about smoking up and refusing to talk to the “po-po.” They didn’t win the final thing, but they did pretty well on the show.

The part that was most interesting about this was that we’d get to play in front of Johnny Rotten, who was one of the judges. I guess Johnny and the Bodoggers didn’t totally have a grand time though as I just learned in this article:

“Johnny Rotten Accused of Beating Woman
Jun 06, 2008

Sex Pistols and Public Image, Ltd. front man Johnny Rotten faces a lawsuit for allegedly whacking a woman around in a hotel room.

The suit alleges that Rotten (real name: John Lydon) struck Roxanne Davis of Bodog Battle of the Bands when he didn’t like the hotel room she presented to him, according to the Associated Press. Rotten was booked into the reality series last fall when it allegedly occurred”