The Motion Sick: Metal Mondays Week 2: Bullet LaVolta -> The Konks

In 1991, I was an avid Headbanger’s Ball viewer. I even met host Riki Rachtman at Lollapalooza 2. This video (though not all that “metal”) caught my eye. It was by a band called Bullet LaVolta. They toured with a lot of the bigger bands in alt-rock like Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins, but never really got huge. Here is “Swandive.” I even used its opening section as a loop to make an ambient, industrial piece called “An Angel Has No Memory,” (download here on Rapidshare temporarily) which also contained samples including the titular claim from the movie Barbarella.

Swan Dive @ Yahoo! Video

Flash forward to the 2000s and Bullet LaVolta lead singer Yukki Gipe is now the frontman for the Boston band The Konks. You may also know them from their inclusion in Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Here’s some video I took of the band recently:

…and doing a Brian Eno cover: