The Motion Sick: Ash Wednesday Featured Artist: Electric Laser People

Electric Laser People (performing tomorrow as superhero league Michael Phelps & The Defenders of Freedom) are a rip-rockin’, hip-hoppin’, electro-funk dance party…without too much of the funk (I don’t like funk).   They bring the party, use the party up, reuse the party, then recycle the party.  They’re a green dance band. says: “With a juvenile wit, D.I.Y. punk rock approach, and strong sense of artistic irony, Electric Laser People take on old-school rap style in a whimsical manner by draping absurd lyrics over minimal electronic sound effects and guitar crunches, like a sonic merging of Ratatat and Licensed to Ill.”

Three Imaginary Girls tells you all that you had better come to the show if you want to experience the baddest, bestest experience: 
“I enjoyed listening to Straight Talk On Raising Kids, but I felt like I didn’t use the music to it’s full potential. Playing the album on my iPod often made me giddy and excited, but I wanted to hear them with a large group — maybe friends, maybe strangers — it doesn’t matter. It sounded better when I played the music for a small group in my car, but I still didn’t get the chance to blast it in a party setting. If you buy the album for a party it will surely impress you and your guests — Electronic Laser People make music that works best when it falls on many ears at once.”


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