The Motion Sick: Is your name Sarah? Do you prefer Obama?

Tanit Sakakini, who has done a lot of our photographic work including our recent album photography (see our press page for a bunch of photos) is involved in a new awesome project called “My Name is Sarah.”  Here is some info on it:

A small film crew has come together from LA, NY, Boston and NH to make short video portraits of women in swing states through the Midwest.  These women are support Barack Obama, and they are all named, Sarah.

This project is called, “My Name Is Sarah.”

“My Name Is Sarah” began to take shape several weeks ago as a reaction to the surge of interest in Sarah Palin. To us now, it has come to stand for something much bigger.

This is a viral marketing campaign speaking to undecided women in swing states.  If Sarah Palin is appealing to a certain demographic as a new sort of “heroine,” then we’ll offer alternative Sarah heroines – each of them likeable, relatable, and heroic in an every-day way. They are women who reflect American values. They’re mothers, workers, educators, providers. They have the same challenges, hopes and values as our target audience, and they are supporting Barack Obama.

We’ll be traveling to the states of PA, OH, IN, MI and NH, filming Sarahs in their daily lives.

To help this project reach a wider audience, please:

1) Email your friends and family about this project.

2) IMPORTANT – ask anyone you know named Sarah/Sara to write about their support for Barack Obama and we’ll post it to the “Sarah Stories” site:

3) Follow the making of “My Name Is Sarah” via the site/blog, twitter, or facebook

4) Wear a “My Name Is Sarah” T-shirt.  (Proceeds help fund this project and anything beyond goes to the Obama campaign)

Tanit Sakakini is a commercial and fine art director and photographer.

Daniella Sakakini, a media professional in the New England area.

Nic Sadler is a cinematographer from Los Angelas via Australia.

Jason Moriber of the Internet marketing company, WiseElephant, is the project’s online producer.

Maria Sheehan of NY/Boston-based RedTree Productions is an advising Producer on “My Name Is Sarah.”


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